COVID-19 Risk Assessment

As the country starts to reopen and we slowly start to return to our work places it is important to ensure that all our employees are safe. At Smart Move Safety we are here to assist you with your COVID-19 Risk Assessment. Let us take the pressure off and assist you with your Safety needs.

Exposure to COVID-19 can present a health risk to workers and other persons at a workplace. As a result employers are advised to follow the latest public health and safety advice. For instance employers must identify and implement suitable control measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection in the workplace. Moreover these measures must be communicated to all relevant employees and others at the place of work.

Employees are required to follow public health and social official advice and guidance. Including ensuring good hygiene practices, such as frequent hand washing and respiratory etiquette, to protect against infections. All employees must seek professional healthcare advice if unwell.

It is necessary for us all to ensure that we are working inline with current COVID-19 guidelines. Our Consultants are here to assist you with your COVID-19 Risk Assessment and to ensure that you and your employees are kept safe.

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