Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Services

Under section 19 of the Safety health and Welfare at work Act 2005 Employers are required to ensure that a competent person assess all risks within the workplace. Employers are required to do all what is reasonably practicable to minimise the risk of injury or damage to the their employees. Employers can do this by identifying the hazards and risks associated with the workplace and by putting the appropriate control measures in place.

What we can do for you?

We will provide your company with a high quality Risk Assessment Service for employees, visitors and contractors. We will work in consultation with your company representative; this will ensure the quality and the validity of the Risk Assessment and to raise awareness around Health and Safety in the work environment. On completion of the assessment we will provide you with a report which will contain the following:

  • Identify the hazards present in the workplace
  • Identify those at risk from the hazards including employee’s visitors etc.
  • Evaluate the danger and identify suitable control measures
  • Record the findings

Contact us on 061 572 134 or at info@smartmovesafety.ie for more information.