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Finding the best safe pass course is a simple matter of research. There are many great safety and training companies that can provide your staff with adequate instruction. A safe pass is a requirement for all on-site construction workers as well as certain additional staff.

What is a safe pass?

For those who don’t know, a safe pass is a required one-day course for construction workers. This kind of training is mandatory in order to raise safety standards and decrease incidents of workplace accidents. As well as being part of a risk assessment.

The course functions as a general awareness programme for construction workers. However, employers should note that they are still required under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations to provide information, instruction, and training to allow their employees to carry out work in safety.

Who needs a safe pass?

Generally speaking, the following people are the only persons required to obtain a safe pass:

      • Craft and general construction workers (included but not limited to apprentices, delivery drivers, placement students)
      • On-site security staff

Choose a company with a proven track record

When deciding on a safety training provider for your staff, make sure you choose a company with a proven track record. Seek out testimonials and if there are reviews available be sure to check them out.

Always look at websites of potential safety training providers. You can usually get a good feel of what the company ethos is, their training content, as well as their methods. If the company lists its trainers, check out their qualifications and experience, too.

You’ll want to see if the company prominently displays badges of accreditation. These are not the most important for short courses, but it can be a good indicator of quality.

Additionally, an extensive client list is a good sign.

How comprehensive is the course?

Before signing on the dotted line, inquire as to the flexibility of your safe pass trainers. Do they offer multiple dates? Do they provide translators for your staff who don’t speak English as a first language? This is particularly important as slight nuances of language might be overlooked without adequate translation.

Other questions to ask can they offer classes online, particularly with COVID restrictions. Will there be a test or a quiz afterward? This leads us to another point.

Assessment & Follow Up To The Safe Pass Course

Another aspect of the safe pass training you want to enquire about from your safety providers is assessment. Particularly with shorter one-day courses, it can be hard to track your staff’s knowledge intake.

Discuss with your training provider ways or tools with which you can use to consolidate your staff’s learning. Perhaps there should be additional follow up courses or quizzes. This can really maximise the benefit of taking these courses.

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