Working Safely

Working safely is in the interest and concern of all staff, both employers and employees. Health and safety is one of the few areas where the law places specific duties specifically on employees. Ensuring knowledge of where this applies and how to ensure that it is adhered to is vital to protect individuals and businesses.

Most importantly this course covers a wide range of topics including fire safety, asbestos awareness, working at height, COSHH, PPE and electricity. It also covers schemes for improving safety performance and methods of protecting the environment.

Approved by RoSPA & IIRSM – Duration 150 mins* – €65.00

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Health and Safety in a Construction Environment- Level 1

Health and Safety is a significant concern. Above all everyone has an essential role to play in reducing deaths and accidents at work. Therefore failure to meet the requirements of Health and Safety regulations carries serious consequences so understanding these requirements is vital. In conclusion this course is aimed at those starting out in the construction industry. The course provides an introduction to some of the key aspects of health and safety on and around construction sites.

Duration 120 mins* – €75.00

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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This course is intended to provide you with the information you need to understand and spot the signs of drug and alcohol misuse. It covers the legal and social implications for the individual and for your company if you find out an employee is misusing drugs. This course discusses the law, different types of drugs, and policies that can be put in place to protect yourself, your business and your employees.

Approved by CPD – Duration 80 mins* – €35.00

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Workplace Health and Safety

At the end of this course you will have an understanding of health and safety legislation. You’ll be able to list common causes of accidents. You will understand good practice in relation to electricity. Describe the use of safe manual handling training techniques as well as be able to describe good practice associated with COSHH regulations. In additon you will be able to describe your action in the event of a fire and how to deal with an accident.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 45 mins* – €35.00

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Personal Protective Equipment

This course will show how wearing PPE plays a crucial role in preventing and reducing fatalities, injuries and diseases at work. It covers a wide range of PPE options, examines the legislation and regulations. On completion you will also be aware of the role risk assessments plays in the selection and use of PPE. The course concludes with advice on how to use, fit and wear PPE and its physical and theoretical limitations.

Approved by CPD – Duration 60 mins* – €35.00

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Slips, Trips and Falls

This course will introduce you to some of the statistics relating to slips, trips and falls and dispel some of the myths surrounding them. It also touches on the law as it relates to slips, trips and falls. It contains real examples of where things have gone wrong and some practical steps that could have been taken to prevent these incidents. The course also covers some of the straightforward changes that can be made in most businesses to significantly reduce the risk of a slip, trip or fall incident occurring.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 60 mins* – €35.00

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Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers

This course acts as an introduction to personal safety for lone workers. It applies to those that work alone within business premises, mobile workers and homeworkers. It covers the legal responsibilities of both employers and employees. Some of the common security precautions that can be implemented, practical steps you can take to avoid conflict in lone worker situations and other elements that can contribute to lone worker safety.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 45 mins* – €35.00

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Working at Height

This course is aimed at anyone who undertakes work at height, or who employs people who regularly work at height. It will cover what constitutes work at height, the safety issues, and how to assess and reduce some of the risks.

Important note: Please note that this is an awareness course only.

Approved by RoSPA – Duration 105 mins* – €35.00

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Introduction to Risk Assessment

At the end of this course, candidates will have an understanding of what a risk assessment is and how to complete one. To achieve this the course will define important terms. It will provide some basic background information to explain how important risk assessments are.  Most importantly practical advice on how to identify hazards and analyse risks will be provided. in addition an overview on the responsibilities of both employers and employees with regards to risk assessment will be provided.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 90 mins* – €35.00

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Confined Spaces

This course will cover the legislation associated with working in confined spaces. What constitutes a confined space, the potential hazards, safe operating procedures, and emergency procedures and rescue.

Important note: This is an awareness course only. Designed for people who need to be aware of the hazards and risks of confined space working but are not required to enter a confined space. If you are required to perform any work activity in, or in the proximity of, a confined space then you will also need to have an ‘approved’ standard of practical training at the ‘appropriate’ level.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 25 mins* – €35.00

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Noise Awareness

This course will show you how dangerous noise can be in the workplace. It discusses the main safety issues you should be aware of. It will take you through some of the simple science, the main laws that apply and introduce you to noise level limits.  After that some of the specific health risks and how to avoid them by producing risk assessments, action plans and through the provision of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment will be covered.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 55 mins* – €35.00

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Manual Handling

This course outlines exactly what constitutes manual handling. It covers the regulations and legislation that apply to manual handling tasks. Next it discusses safe handling techniques and how to develop good habits in relation to manual handling. It finishes off by introducing some practical solutions and the use of mechanical aids.

Important note: Please note that this is an awareness online course only, if your duties include manual handling you will also need further practical training, you can get in touch with us to arrange this.

Approved by IIRSM & CPD – Duration 75 mins* – €50.00

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Electrical Safety

This course will start by covering the many benefits electricity brings to society, as well as its key components voltage, current and resistance. It will explain the two main types of electricity. Cover UK accident and death statistics. Describe a simple way of remembering the electrical hazards. It then goes on to provide basic instructions about how you could safely help someone you suspect has received an electric shock.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 45 mins* – €35.00

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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

This course covers what you need to know about the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It’s aimed at anyone who is exposed to Substances Hazardous to Health at work, as well as line managers with responsibility for such people.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 125 mins* – €35.00

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*The course duration is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions.

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