Safety Statements


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Did you know that every employer is required to have a health and safety statement for their organisation ?

Managing safety, health and welfare does not need to be an expensive cost to your business. For instance by ensuring you are compliant with your Safety Documentation and Training you may actually save a fortune in the long run. This in turn may prevent you from having to pay out €1000s in sick pay and legal fees.

What do our services include?

Firstly we will work with you to prepare a Safety Statement that works for your company and its work activities. Secondly, we will ensure your documentation is customised to meet your business needs. In addition, we will ensure that it will be easy to read and best of all it won’t cost you a fortune. Our goal is to ensure that you receive a document that you fully understand at a cost effective price.

What is a Safety Statement?

A Safety Statement is a written document stating how you manage health and safety within your company and more importantly, it is a legal requirement. Your Statement will display the company’s commitment to Health and Safety and how it will be managed. Under section 20 of the Safety Health and Welfare at work Act 2005, “the employer must ensure the Health and Safety of their employees and any other people who may visit the workplace such as visitors, contractors, etc”

Your Safety Statement must be available to all staff, it must clearly show that you have identified all hazards, completed risk assessment, and put the appropriate control measures in place. Your Safety Statement must be reviewed whenever a significant change takes place or at least annually.

Completing and keeping your Safety Statement and other Documentation up to date and compliant can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing task. That’s what we are here for. By contacting us and allowing us to assist you, it will give you peace of mind that you are compliant with current legislation.

Our goal is to ensure that your statement works for you. We will work with you and your team to ensure that your Statement is customised to your business and is easy to understand and read.

The creation of a safe and healthy workplace will have a positive effect that will show throughout your business by improving staff morale, reducing days lost to ill health and injury, and improving productivity

What will your safety statement include?

It will contain the following:

    • Safety Policy.
    • Safety Arrangements including but limited to
      • Roles & Responsibilities
      • Training,
      • Consultation
      • Accidents & Incidents
      • Emergency Procedures
      • Safety representative
      • Stress and Dignity at work
      • Pregnancy
    • Risk Assessments – detailed risk assessment associated with your business including control measures and risk ratings.

We can prepare your Statement. As a result of letting us manage this, you can be assured that you will be compliant with current Legislation. Most importantly we will ensure that your document is in a manner that can be understood by all employees.