Safety Statements


We are all adjusting to a new way of living. Some of us have returned to work, some of us are still waiting for the go ahead. During this current worldwide pandemic ensuring the Health and Safety of our employees is paramount.

Who looks after your Safety needs? Do you have a Safety Statement? When was it last reviewed? Have you updated it to include your COVID-19 Risk Assessment? As a business owner these are all questions you should be able answer. Under section 20 of the Safety Health and Welfare at work Act 2005 “the employer must ensure the Health and Safety of their employees and any other people who may visit the workplace such as visitors, contractors etc”

Safety Statements must be available to all staff. Your statement must clearly show that you have identified all hazards, assessed the risk and put the appropriate control measures in place. Your Safety Statement should be reviewed whenever a significant change takes place or at least annually.

Our team at Smart Move Safety is here to help you. We can assist you with your Safety Documentation by ensuring that it is up to date. If you are a new start up we can assist by completing a Safety Statement or Risk Assessments that are customised to suit your business needs.

We all know that during these times money can be tight and some companys may be under financial pressure. That is why we will consult with you on all your Safety Documentation needs and work within your budget. All our services will be customised to suit you and your company size.

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