VDU/DSE Assessments

VDU/DSE Assessment Services

A poorly arranged office workstation is a major contributing factor to many work-related upper limb disorders and other symptoms such as eyestrain or headaches. A VDU/DSE workstation assessment is essential for all staff that who work at a desk station continuously for 1 hour or more per day

Checking your workstation on a regular basis by having an Ergonomic Workstation Assessment or VDU/DSE assessment, may prevent awkward postures from continuing and resulting in upper limb disorders. Most conditions aggravated by poor workstation posture may be minimised if good ergonomic practises are adopted.

Chapter 5 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 dictate that an employer is responsible to ensure that any display screen equipment does not pose any risk to the user in general use, and that the equipment should be assessed to evaluate health and safety conditions

What is a VDU/DSE Assessment?

  • Review of the current work design
  • Identifying any hazards and providing advice on the most efficient set up for the work stations

Who can perform a VDU/DSE assessment?

We can. We will provide you with a competent person to undertake an Ergonomic Assessment of your work Environment. We will ensure that you are in line with legislative requirements.

By applying Ergonomics to your workplace you are reducing the likelihood of injuries and ill health such as pains and aches from shoulders, backs and wrist. A comfortable work environment is a more productive work environment.


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