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Choosing the best safety company to train your staff is more essential now than ever.

For the last year, or several years it feels like, the world health authorities and everyday people have been battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have naturally found themselves struggling and to many, having a safety team on site just hasn’t been affordable.

Businesses have sought third-party alternatives that can handle the safety concerns of their staff and business. These companies are able to devise and implement effective safety measures that staff can follow knowing they’re working safely.

In the year of COVID-19 and lockdowns, your staff need to be fully aware of how to work safely and efficiently.

Wide Range Of Safety Services

It can be beneficial when choosing a safety training company to pick a company that offers a wide range of services. A company that can offer your team a variety of training programs is likely going to be a pretty reputable group. Here’s some of the training that should be on offer:

Accident prevention

Pretty self-explanatory, a reliable safety company should be able to train your team to work in a way that anticipates and nullifies accidents. This training also encompasses teaching management on how to communicate safety policies to their staff.

Hazard Detection

This training enables someone to evaluate any given situation for potentially harmful outcomes. This can also be extended towards particular items, or things, otherwise considered ‘hazards’.

Health And Safety Training

Overall you want to be able to provide your staff with an effective safety policy. This means something that is easily communicable. The quicker your staff can understand the safety expectations and desired behaviour the easier it will be to implement long term strategies.

Safety Leadership

By promoting and incorporating safety leadership into the company, your company is likely to have a longer-lasting safety culture. Choose a company that can provide this training and support to your team. These employees can then function as role models of desired safety effects.

Risk Management

Last but certainly not least you will want to work with a company that can provide risk management for your company. This training process will include a consultation on identifying and risk assessments as well as preventative safety measures.

Complying With OSHA Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards provide a template of safety policy standards that every company should follow. This will ensure that your safety measures are completed to a standardized level, allowing employees to work better and be more productive.

A few of the OSHA standards:

      • Fall protection
      • Confined spaces
      • Fire protection
      • Personal Protective Equipment

A qualified, safety company will make provisions for useful guidance to create a safety policy that will be in compliance with OSHA standards. Ensuring a safe space for your workers is a good step towards creating a more productive workforce and a more comfortable work environment.

Reducing Sick Days & Time Off

Good safety companies should provide your company with measures and policies that have the knock-on effect of reducing time off due to work-related injuries or illnesses. By introducing policies that cut down on sick and disability leave rates you will naturally lead to a more productive workforce. A team that knows they’re being looked after is a more productive one.

Consultants can help to identify and eliminate those risks and hazards which lead to workplace accidents. In turn, this will save your company needless expenditures covering insurance premiums and another potential fall out costs from safety breaches.

Improved Company Reputation

By using a safety company to assess and qualify your staff and workplace to a high standard you radically improve the company’s reputation. These safety companies care as much about your reputation as they do their own, therefore they’re going to give you clear, professional guidance to an improved workplace.

Voluntary Protective Program

The Voluntary Protective Program (VPP) is an initiative set up by OSHA to promote a safety-positive culture within the company. A safety company can help you outline a VPP that protects you and your staff and grants you a certification. Again, this ties into an improved company reputation.

What To Look For In A Safety Company?

In addition to all we’ve mentioned previously, there are just a few things you want to keep in mind when researching a safety company.

Safety Companies With Experience

There are a lot of organizations that officially certify safety companies and consultants. However, you should find a company that has these certifications along with a portfolio of ‘real world’ experience. This should leave you with a shortened list to choose from, but a much more qualified list overall.


Speaking of those safety certs and credentials, make sure to verify the validity of these. Check with official bodies such as the Board of Certified Safety Professionals to make sure that these are valid safety credentials. Don’t be afraid to question a company’s credentials if you feel unsure though. There are some organizations that issue ‘verifications’ that have merely been paid for. This is why it’s so important to get a company with experience.

Check With Their Previous Clients

If you’re buying a new product you want to read reviews, the same goes for a service provider. Conduct research into the safety company’s previous client work, and feel free to reach out to these previous clients and ask what their impressions were. If the safety company you’re checking out is worth their salt, they should have maintained a good relationship with that company.

Problem Solving

Safety companies and consulting are often proud of saying they are ‘problem solvers’. But how true is this for every company? Find out by seeing if the safety consultants you have in mind understand your problems. If a safety company can understand your problem, can devise a plan and is willing to explain that plan then you’re on to a winner.

This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of researching your chosen safety training provider but it will separate the wheat from the chaff effectively.



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